Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A walk to the bakery

My buddy christian just called me. He said he just took a 6 hour walk to the Bakery. From his house to the bakery...6 hours. Wow. i've been to this bakery...it's good...but not that good. i'm a fat guy...no one can deny that. I love food...and i loved baked goods...but i wouldn't walk...well, that makes sense of course...but i wouldn't travel that far just for baked goods.

i have driven a long way for buffalo wings. Every year, me and a few friends get in a car and drive to a music festival in illinois. on our way out...we make sure we stop in buffalo, NY for wings...BUT...that is on the way.

how good does something have to be to travel somewhere to get? i've been to italy, china, mexico, france, and many other areas...and i don't know if i would go back there just for the food. it made me laugh...and then think..and then laugh some more. I wish someone would have given Christian a ride...he should have called me. I don't know...i just thought it was interesting...maybe there is something we can take out of this experience.

just sayin

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm not a great writer...so if you want to mock my writing skills...well, you can suck it...

I'm realizing that I have been a Christian for a good amount of my life.  Some people might understand that I am a Christian based upon how I live my life, while others only know that I claim to be a Christian based upon what I say.  As of lately though, I believe that people should know that I follow and love Christ based upon my actions.  I started a non-profit organization, because i wanted people to act kindly towards one another, hoping that through those acts they will see a world the way God intended it to be.

As I look around and see read tweets, other blogs, and facebook status' i see others who don't necessarily believe in God doing much more good in this world than I.  So my dilemma is this.  What motivates humanity to do good?  To treat each other kindly?  To love each other?  I have my ideas, motives, beliefs...but i want to hear from others before i share all of mine!  Hope you will join in!